Firstly, what is Dogs & Coffee Network?

Secondly, some questions answered.

I am having trouble downloading one of my free guides.
Mmmm… that’s annoying, our apologies. Firstly check your downloads and look for files starting with 'D&C-EGuide'. If you're still having no luck please email us at admin@dogsandcoffee.co.uk and we’ll get this sorted for you. Please allow up to 48 hrs for a reply.

The sessions with Dawn look good, how do I book these? 
I love working with new people on a 1:1 basis. My work is passionate and my mentoring style combined with NLP training is positive and full-speed, which is why I'm known for creating results quickly (“No dilly dallying” as she would say).If you’d like to work with me to further your career, to get unstuck please email directly and confidentially to dawn@dogsandcoffee.co.uk and I’d be delighted to set up an initial discovery call at no cost.

Can I share your content?
I'm delighted that you like our content enough that you would like to share it. Unless otherwise specified all content has been created by Dogs and Coffee and sits under the ownership of Dawn Farrow Ltd. I cannot allow any reproduction or sharing of my content without my permission. 

I’m a brand, how can we work together? 
I have a wonderful and engaged following across social media and newsletters, I’m pretty sure that together we can rustle up a few ideas. Get in touch here.

How else can we work together? 
If you’ve not already noticed, I am passionate about what I do. We live one life and don’t want anyone to spend more time than is needed feeling stuck. If this message speaks to you or your audience, please get in touch and let’s see how we might work together. I'm available to be booked for speaking events, to consult with teams within businesses to create change and for PR opportunities. 

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