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Ok folks, it's time to be straight...get out of your pyjamas, get up off that sofa. Stop trying to ‘complete Netflix’. Stop moping around. You have to LOOK AFTER YOURSELF.

Here’s a few ways to keep you in a positive mindset in our current situation:

1. Quieten The Noise
The one thing that is guaranteed to make you unproductive and put you in a negative headspace is panicking. It has never been more important than now to keep a clear head and remain calm as you enter the job market. The app, 'Head Space' offers a free trial and boasts ‘meditation made simple, teaching you life-changing mindfulness skills in just a few minutes a day’. Give it a go, it will change your life.

2. Celebrate theatrical quirkiness
Make a trip into Soho and visit The Theatre Café, which is now open on Saturdays! If you haven’t been before (and you love all things musical theatre), The Theatre Café is covered wall to wall and floor to ceiling in theatre memorabilia and the musical theatre soundtrack that plays in the background is BOUND to put you in a fantastic mood. Check out their website here for opening hours and more information. (Oh and they sell great coffee!)

3. A quick pick me up
If you should need it, we recommend this incredibly funny and creative Instagram account by illustrator Edith Pritchett. Check it out for relevant and punchy illustrations that we can promise will put a smile on your face. *WARNING* this may not be such a quick pick me up; I just spent an hour scrolling through her feed and had to drag myself away.

4. Be inspired by others' creativity
If you have some free time and want to get out of the house, spend the afternoon (or the whole day) at a museum or gallery. The calming atmosphere will be fantastic for your panicky head, and the talent on display is sure to spark something in you. Find out what is open here.

5. Make a plan
Do it for your day, your week, your month, or even your year. There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than following through on a plan I’ve made. This doesn’t need to be anything big or life changing, some days it is just making sure that I get up and put on an outfit that makes me feel great. But if you follow through on the small plans you make, the big ones will fall into place far easier than you think. Although a little pricey, treat yourself to a papier planner, having something concrete in front of you may make you stick to plans far more than if they are digital.

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