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You’ve tried to write the novel, you’ve become a sourdough bread baking expert and you’ve learnt pretty much every lyric to Hamilton (anyone want to test me?!), but the bills have started to land and you can no longer side-step reality. Rather than lose your days to the endless 'nothingness', wack on your can-do cape and have a gander at our ideas to keep you busy.

1. Another excuse for coffee
Whilst we are starved of networking (and human interaction in general), it is increasingly rare to meet someone for the first time, so get out from behind your screens and treat yourself to a coffee. Make it your mission to start a conversation with someone in the queue; they may not be your future employer or client, but being skilled at speaking to new people with confidence is something that employers need and increasingly find hard to acquire.

2. Get accessible
We work in an industry where each venue should be proud to be accessible. But how much do you really know about what it means to create an accessible event? Graeae Theatre Company have written a fantastic book outlining their experience of being the foremost disabled led theatre company, it is fascinating and definitely worth the read.

Want to take your first steps to becoming accessible yourself? British Sign also offer a 'pay what you can' 1-year long sign language course.

3. Get clued up on social
Social Media no longer only belongs to influencers in bikinis on the beach (my 40 year old ass is testament to this!). For any successful business to grow, you're going to have to nail it. Here is a great article outlining 12 free online social media courses.

4. Another excuse for dogs
Dogs are for life, not just for lockdown, Borrow My Doggy does what it says on the tin, so find yourself a new best friend that you only occasionally have to pick up the poo for.

5. Let's be less lonely
Octavia Housing are running a telephone service for people who are lonely and isolated in London. With just one hour's training, you will be introduced to an isolated person, looking for a friend to talk to for up to an hour, once or twice a week.

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