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For a long time this year, being out of work has meant that we've all struggled through and found other ways to keep ourselves afloat. But what happens as the industry begins to find its feet again? Are you feeling excluded from the industry's return to life?

1. You Are Not Alone
According to this article, over 7,442 people in our Industry are currently without work, and that's not to mention all of us that are freelancing (which makes up the majority of our industry!!). The small reopening that we're seeing is rightly being celebrated but, you need to remember that with limited capacities across every venue, it is only a really small number of people that are going back to work. If you're feeling like you are alone, remember to reach out to your peers, I promise you many of them will be feeling the same. If you need external help, call the Theatre Helpline, they are there to talk to you and help you through this exhausting time. You can find the number at the bottom of this email.

2. Theatre Doesn't Only Live In London
Whilst London theatres are able to open with social distancing, we can't forget that much of the country is still closed and facing extreme financial difficulties. If you are London based and are lucky to be in work, remember that there is a whole load of people who are struggling. Be kind and where possible bring people up with you however you're able...a coffee goes a long way.

3. Celebrate Other People's Tenacity and Success
I've mentioned before that we shouldn't allow other people's success to feel as if it as a personal reminder of our own continuous struggle. As an industry we are exceptionally competitive and whilst this can fuel creativity, it can also mean that people compare themselves with others and can feel downtrodden should their tenacity not immediately result in large successes. Make sure you take the time to celebrate other people. Those that are opening up their doors at the moment will do so with great difficulty and very little financial gain and no one should feel as if their attempts to re-build this industry are doing anything other than creating positivity. We should be supporting each other as much as possible, so buy tickets and send out congratulations across social media, your time will come.

4. Be Patient
Of course it is natural to feel anxious and even angry as others begin work, especially if you have been trying for what feels like forever to wiggle your way back. Remember that great things WILL come to those who wait - remain positive and tenacious. We're here for you and we will continue to bring you jobs, motivation and tips! As always, if there is anything that you would like to see us do more of, please don't hesitate to get in touch via Instagram, Linked In, or to email us at

5. You Are Doing Fantastically
Stop beating yourself up and look at what you have achieved over the last few months. If you're still reading these newsletters, its because you haven't given up. That in itself is a huge achievement. If you have created a side hustle, skilled up on something that you struggled with previously or are relentlessly applying for jobs, you are doing FANTASTICALLY. Keep going.

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