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'The moment you put a deadline on a dream, it becomes a goal' Harsha Bhogle

21st June…A light at the end of the tunnel makes everything a little brighter. But as we settle into the next stage of the Boris roadmap, it might have struck you, like it has struck us, that we are still three months away from that golden date.

….GASP, SURPRISE, (a little bit) ANNOYED 

 Now, you know we are all about positivity, so instead of dreading the fact we still have three months ahead of us, we decided to think about what we could do with this time. 
And when you think of it, the opportunities are endless!

 In our team catch up this week, we set our goals for success, in order to keep us happy and focused during this home now we’re encouraging you to do the same!

How are you going to spend the next three months? 
So, what does success look like for you in the next 3 months? This can be anything and should reflect on what success means to you right now. Whether that’s landing a new job, finally running 5k, reading ten books or learning a new skill, it doesn’t matter, as long as it helps you feel fulfilled and helps keep you focused. 

Here are some examples of goals that we have been sharing:

  • Start that business you have been spoken about for years.
  • Decorate your room
  • Secure a mentor to work with 
  • Gain some paid work experience in a new industry 
  • Complete an online e-learning course on BluePrint/GoogleAds/Excel/Canva/Powerpoint 
  • Start learning a new language
  • Learn how to do a headstand 
  • Increase your network of contacts by attending online events
  • Set your 5 year ‘success strategy’ 


Now you have some goals, you need to set your intentions. This may seem a little unnecessary, but we promise if you take the time to do this properly, it will make achieving those goals all the easier.

Top Tips for setting intentions:

  • Make the intention clear and short- if they are not easy to remember, it probably means they are too complicated
  • Write your intention down- by writing down your intentions, you automatically hold yourself accountable. Seeing your goal in ink all of a sudden makes it more real
  • Keep them visible throughout the day- get some post-it notes and make sure you are reminded of your intentions throughout the day to keep you on track.


Of course the reward of achieving a goal in itself is great; that buzz of pride makes you feel unstoppable, but the best part of setting goals for the next three months specifically is that you can reward yourself properly come end of June.  

Book a table at that swanky restaurant you always wanted to try or put a week aside to go and visit loved ones across the UK, so that you can really bask in the glory of your goal-achieving life!

And remember, this last year has been incredibly testing, so if your goal for the next three months is to just get through it feeling happy and healthy, that's totally worthwhile and truly successful.

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