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Newsletter No. 32

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'You may be the first person to do many things, but make sure you are not the last' Kamala Harris

This week kicked off with International Women’s Day. Here at Dogs and Coffee, we are big advocates for female empowerment, women supporting women, and women having the self-belief to achieve whatever they want to every single day of the week.

To celebrate, we turned to our founder, Dawn Farrow, to hear more about her story. From dreaming about her animal circus act on her parents farm to owning a multi-million pound business, Dawn’s journey has been a rollercoaster.

'I was always business-minded, I knew by the age of 10 that one day I would run my own business.

I hadn’t come from a long line of entrepreneurs; far from it, my mum was a bursar and my dad a farmer. But I had a dream early on in life of combining my love for animals and my love for performing. I decided that I’d set up a kennel and then tour the world in a tutu performing with my dog, dancing on the back of a horse as we rode around the circus ring.

As I got older, this particular dream may have changed slightly but the desire to have my own business remained. I hid this from everyone, as I was scared at what people may say.  

Then at the age of 30, I felt I could no longer put it off. The urge was too great.'

'Friends and family were kind and supportive but always worried for me. I had several people emphasise the benefits of staying at my current role; a job that I loved, working with people who I still call friends today. But I wanted something more than just stability.

I literally started from scratch, which was scary when I didn’t have people to turn to for advice, but I learnt quickly. That’s the joy in taking risks. Sure, there were a lot of highs and lows, both of which came with full force, but I relished the excitement of the unknown.

Sometimes, foresight can be dangerous when pursuing your dreams. You’ll never be able to predict exactly what will happen, and this can put people off, but I encourage people to embrace it, as the unknown is where the magic happens.'

'Boom, my marketing agency, was created and the steady start turned into a sprint for success. But not every day was peachy. Some days I leapt into the office and others I crawled.

Resilience was my armour and how I kept going. From the age of four, my dance teacher had always told me that whilst I was not the best technical dancer, I was the strongest performer so that’s what I held onto.

Every day was a new opportunity to make something great happen, and I did. We worked on some incredible projects with incredible clients within the world of live entertainment, such as Secret Cinema, The Mousetrap, Birmingham Royal Ballet and more.'

'So, I achieved my dream. Why walk away?

In the 8 years that I created Boom, I also fell in love, got married, bought a house and had my daughter. It was full on and I realised that I was now sustaining a business for those in it as opposed to developing my own career. My career dreams had developed and expanded beyond running a great agency, I had more ideas than ever.

One thing I love is that you change as you get older. Your priorities and dreams change and that’s something we should celebrate.

Making the decision to close was the hardest decision but also the greatest. I’m one business down with another ten ideas in my head. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the tutu-dog-horseback circus act coming to a town near you soon?!'

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