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Newsletter No. 25

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It’s not just jazz hands and box squares! We’re turning to the stage for pointers on how to land that dream job.

Make your application stand out

In Legally Blonde, Elle Woods knows a standard personal essay will not suffice in landing her dream acceptance from Harvard. Instead, she flies across the country with a whole marching band! Making your application stand out from the rest is pivotal. Whether that is changing the format of your CV to something more creative, dropping off your resume in person or even supplying your application as a video. Channel some inner Elle to make it impossible for the recruiters to say no!  

Rise to the challenge
Your dream job might be out there waiting for your application but the job spec is a little daunting and you think it is out of reach! This is even more prevalent in women who, studies suggest, only apply for a job if they meet 100% of the job specification. Sometimes, you have to believe in your ability and take a leap of faith. Take Peggy from 42nd Street; when she is called up to dance the lead, she nearly has a breakdown as she believes she can’t do it. However, the talent is there all along and she becomes an overnight sensation. Sometimes, you have to rise to the challenge and apply for that job which seems a little scary, as it could just turn out to the role you’ve been waiting for.
Get Social Media Savvy  
We all know just how powerful a tool social media can be, but we also know that something that powerful must be handled with caution. Just take Dear Evan Hansen; a perfect example of how mistruths and fake news can spread like wildfire on social media! It’s commonplace for recruiters to now check out candidates’ social media profiles, so make sure you are using it to your advantage. Keep your LinkedIn updated with new training and skills and make sure your personal social media accounts still portray you in a professional manner, while highlighting hobbies which might help your cause, such as team sports, volunteering or photography.

Know your role
You wouldn’t step out on opening night without knowing your lines and your cues, so why do it when applying for your dream job? If you get an interview, make sure you study the role and the wider company properly. Ensure you fully understand what would be required of you in the role, and if unsure, ask, so that you can answer questions with specifics. Take a look at the company’s latest work so you aren’t caught out not knowing about their newest client or recent award-winning campaign.  

Dress the part
We know from the world of musical theatre that what you wear can have an immediate effect on how you feel. Whether it’s Lola’s red, sparkly heels from Kinky Boots or Jamie’s prom dress in Everybody’s Talking about Jamie, wearing your favourite clothes can instantly boost your confidence. And while at the moment, a lot of interviews are taking place over Zoom and the temptation to wear pyjamas on the bottom is worryingly strong, if you do get a chance to talk to your potential employer, dress to impress. It will reflect positively on your professionalism whilst making you feel you can take on the world; it’s a win, win!
Take a break
While keeping up momentum with getting your CV out there is vital for finding your dream job, it's also important to take a little advice from the Schuyler sisters and Take a Break. Unlike Hamilton, you want to ensure you don't burn out by doing too many job applications in one day. Not only is it bad for your mental health, but by taking a break, you can ensure that any application you submit is your best work. You might also find inspiration in your break time activities which may help nail that covering letter. 

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