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Blue Monday... we'll take it in neon!

It's that time of the year again. Blue Monday is round the corner, and with January 2021 being more challenging than other first month’s of the year, Dogs & Coffee are here to help you navigate the day.

Blue Monday is reportedly the most depressing day of the year, but we’re not here for anyone to tell us how we should feel on any given day, so, we're reclaiming it! Have a look at our top tips to make Blue Monday a positive, motivational and productive day! 

Reclaim Your Lunch Break 
Make sure you set aside a good lunch break for Blue Monday so it doesn't become an overwhelming day hunched over your keyboard. Spend that hour doing something you enjoy, whether cooking a tasty lunch, smashing out a fitness class, watching your favourite TV show or heading for a walk with a friend (socially distanced of course!). Having a fun activity lined up will mean that Blue Monday doesn't seem so daunting. 

Get a Dose of Fresh Air 
It may not feel like it, but the days ARE getting longer, so make the most of those lighter morning and get your dose of Vitamin D with some fresh air. With a wintry lockdown, it's very easy to hole up inside all day, but exercise in the fresh air will banish those Monday blues in a jiffy. Or perhaps channel the power of blue to help boost your health, by spending time near blue spaces, whether that's swimming in the sea or taking a walk by the river. 

Communicate Off Email
If you are working hard on Blue Monday, make sure you connect with your colleagues in a way that isn't via red-flagged emails. Unfortunately, lockdown has prevented face to face meetings, but maybe pick up the phone or schedule a video conference to discuss something that could have been sent via email. It's a great way to ensure the inbox isn't clogged on Blue Monday and also to interact with others.

Give that hound a hug
Studies show that just being near a dog can increase your serotonin levels, and you know how much we value a canine cuddle here at Dogs & Coffee! If you are lucky enough to have a pooch, give them a big snuggle on Blue Monday. Otherwise, get googling cute dog videos … you know there are plenty out there to make you gooey inside!

Make a banging Blue Monday playlist
Whether it's S Club 7's greatest hits or Motely Crue, we all have favourite tunes that instantly put us in a good mood! Spend this weekend creating the ultimate playlist on Spotify full of your best mood-boosting songs, so come Monday, all you have to do is press play for instant good vibes!

Put it in Perspective and Look Forward 
Lastly, remember that this is just a day like many others. Of course there are going to be days where you feel a bit low and they'll be others where you feel unstoppable! However you feel on Blue Monday, don't worry about it too much and just let your emotions do their thing. Just make sure you look forward; whether it's some travel plans for the summer or a walk in the park next week. Look forward so you don't dwell on the day too much. 

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