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'2020- a year of repositioning, a year of change' CHARMAINE J. FORD 

Okay everyone- we did it, we made it to 2021! I hope that Christmas was a restful not stressful period and that you achieved very little apart from a few pages of a good book, plenty of coffee and serious amounts of chocolate (or was that just me?!). 
It seems everywhere you look at the moment, there is talk about cancelling 2020. While there are many parts of the year we may want to forget, there are plenty of ways we should draw upon 2020 in order to make 2021 our year. Here are our tips to find value in last year, warts and all... 
Write down your 2020 achievements 
It was hard to go on social media over the last few days and not see lists of 2020 achievements. And while it might be a bit of a bore to read someone else's banana bread and home schooling successes (right?!), writing a list of what you managed to do during 2020, despite all the odds being stacked against you, is a really positive thing to do.  It will put you in a go-getter mindset, and I promise, you'll have done so much more than you thought. #BananaBreadFail 

Be creative 
You may have used part of 2020 to learn new skills or develop a new passion, whether it was cross-stitching or cooking, don’t stop learning in 2021. 
Recruiters love learning about all aspects of you and love hearing about your interests, so use new non-work related skills to your advantage to stand out.

Life Balance 
While we have missed a lot about ‘pre 2020’ life, let’s not pretend we missed the hectic schedules, late nights in the office and crowded commutes. Last year forced us to look at our work/life balance, and while the latter is very important, let's not revert back to a world where work is 110% of our time in 2021.
If you will be WFH for the foreseeable, make sure you have those boundaries set. Use spare time to indulge those creative passion projects or even just to sit and be still for a few moments. 

Not sure about you, but during lockdown (and Christmas), while we loved having some days where we didn’t move from the Netflix-binge sofa, most of us felt our best and most productive when we had a routine. If you had a routine which worked for you during 2020, whether that included morning exercise, an evening walk with a podcast, or spending two hours job searching followed by a lunch-break, stick to it to help you through these first few months. Or if 2020's routine is so last year, mix it up to make this year feel fresh but just as productive. 

Teamwork & Community
2020 reminded us all of the benefits of rallying together. Think of all the amazing projects and movements that happened due to people coming together (like THIS!). In a world where face to face networking is still impossible (boo!), aim to develop your community and spread the love where you can. Reach out and make new connections, whether through this network or finding people with similar hobbies to you. You never know what a new connection can bring in terms of opportunity. 

Now, while we don’t want to cancel 2020, we don’t have to pretend it was the peachiest year. Whatever it threw at you, job loss, lack of family time, mental health struggles, look back and be proud that you made it through. Take that strength into 2021 and you’ll be able to handle anything that comes with it day by day.
And, as always, don’t forget that here at Dogs and Coffee, we are here for you. 

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