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'Things work out best for those that make the best of how things work out' John Wooden

Despite what everyone may tell you, there is no one way to measure success. For some, it may be a six figure salary, for others, it's having the flexibility to live anywhere in the world or achieving a piece of work you are really proud of.

We know that while you are on the job hunt, success can feel like something that is distant and unattainable. But here at Dogs and Coffee, we are big advocates of success coming in all different forms, whilst also empowering you, so that if success doesn't come knocking, you still feel motivated enough to go and build your own door!

Here are some ways you can take control of your own success, whatever that looks like for you!

Go Freelance
Tax returns and no sick pay may sound incredibly scary, but becoming a freelancer is a brilliant way to not only learn what kind of projects and companies you enjoy working with, but also allows you to take real control over your success and destiny. If success to you is earning dollar bills, you can take on more work to make that happen. If success to you is having a flexible home life, you can set your working hours to allow for more family time. While the job market is still settling, freelancing is a great way to keep your skills sharp and bank account healthy until you land that next dream full time job! Check out this guide to freelancing to learn about what steps you need to take!

No Vacancy? No Problem!
If there is a company or brand you have always wanted to work for, you don’t need to sit around refreshing their vacancy page to see when they have job openings. Yes, it’s always great to apply for a specific job, but if you have true passion for that company, it’s always a good idea to send over an introduction email with your CV and an awesome cover letter on why you have always admired them! Some places of work will find roles for people they believe fit their ethos, and others will keep interesting candidates on file for when they do have jobs available.

Get your side hustle on!
If you are currently employed, but feeling limited by your current success projection, why not explore a side hustle? Whether it’s coaching a local sports team, baking yummy brownies or even volunteering at your nearby soup kitchen, having another outlet for your drive and creativity can allow you to find success in other areas of your life. And who knows, that side hustle may just inspire you to take your career on a whole new path!

(Just to note- most companies will allow side hustles as long as they do not interfere with contracted work and are not in competition with your company, and of course, you will need to claim your additional income with the government to be taxed).

Begin Again
You’re so many years into a certain role or field but are beginning to wonder what your life might have been like if you had taken Art A level or had done a teaching training course instead of studying French at university. While it may feel like a step back returning to school or gaining new qualifications, it’s important to learn that success does not have to be linear. If you want to retrain and take a leap into a new career, DO IT! It doesn’t matter if you are taking a pay cut in comparison to your peers, if it makes you feel happy and fulfilled, we think that’s a pretty big success!

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