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"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list" Michelle Obama

It is so easy to get so caught up in the busy-ness of your day to day hustle that you can forget to look after yourself. Deadlines, stress, and pressures from other people can all result in your personal wellbeing slipping to the bottom of the list. But it is worth considering that you could not only be doing a great disservice to yourself, but also to those you think you're helping by not being on tip-top form. Here's a few ways to help:

1) Learn how to say no.
We've spoken previously about managing upwards in a workplace. Saying that you are feeling overwhelmed by a workload is AS important as looking as competent as you can. If you keep saying yes to work you just don't have time to do, not only will your mental health suffer, but you will deliver work of a lower standard. Here's a great article that will help.

2) Make a list of your life goals.
If you're anything like me, 80% of this list will be related to my career. But that still means 20% of it has absolutely nothing to do with it. I have to make sure that every day I do something that means my personal life is also on track. Even if that is calling a friend to check up on them, this time away from my work load enables me to focus on the things that really count.

3) Not everything has to be done today.
You need to learn how to prioritise. You need to learn how to delegate. You need to learn how to ask for help. Because if you feel as if you are drowning in work, you are taking on too much and there is ALWAYS someone out there who is willing to help you. There are some helplines below if you are feeling overwhelmed and if you need someone to talk to.

4) Get a 'life'.
Your 'life' isn't necessarily running around to every event and making sure you always have plans in the evening. You are a social butterfly and it's important to excercise your right to be so, but also remember that in our definition, taking an evening off and having a nice long bath is TOTALLY having a life. Go get one.

5) Booking ahead.
We're all wondering what our personal future holds and how we're going to live our lives dependant on what 'tier' our region is in, but don't let this stop you booking fun things to do. This could be Les Miz tickets the Christmas (yes please!) or the Christmas at Kew light show. Every week more and more events are going on sale. They are socially distanced, barely viable for our industry but will result in the fun night out you need.

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