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Happy to be your Fluffer...

 I like to hype you up, but in the right way....Read more here
I like to hype you up, but in the right way....Read more here

I’m a Fluffer.


Of course I don’t mean in the traditional porn film kind of a way! But in creating Dogs & Coffee, I have accidently committed to the role of being a daily cheerleader with the sole focus of encouraging positivity and motivation…but on reflection I’m not sure that this journey was so accidental.


For just over a year now, I have invested a large percentage of my time in this role. I didn’t need to create Dogs & Coffee. I can remember sitting on the sofa, watching telly with very few worries despite the pandemic raging around me and then something in me (literally in my gut) said that I needed to find a way to help, to step up and become a voice of positivity and support at a really shitty time. The vision was clear; ‘help people feel motivated, find their confidence again and secure a job’. The message has slightly moved on as so many have secured amazing jobs, but at the core of my vision is still the same; my commitment to to help as many people as possible.


Helping, giving back, making introductions, sharing experiences, being a positive person in an otherwise negative day; it all feeds my soul. Knowing I have helped someone in the smallest of ways cheers me up and gives me the energy to carry on and perhaps it could do the same for you?


Here are a few reasons I urge you to find time to make someone else feel better today:


Creating impact – you’ll never quite know or understand how small acts of kindness can transform someone’s day.


Your legacy – what do you want to remembered for? The people who go down in history in the most positive ways were change makers who helped others often less fortunate than themselves.


Happiness – I challenge you to not feel good when something you say or an action you take makes someone smile. A smile is contagious, if we all smiled more maybe we’d all be more tolerant of others and more willing to help strangers.


The science – Fact; when you help someone in a positive way, endorphins are released into your body and you get something called ‘Helpers High’…a euphoria that happens when you do charitable deeds. The psychological theory being that giving, acts of kindness, produce a natural mild version of a morphine high (credit Thrive Global). This means that you’re helping others and your own wellbeing.


Imagine the impact we could make on the world if we all committed just a small amount of our time to make other people feel better? I can officially confirm that being your Fluffer, helping you smile and feel good about your day and your future is important to me. So maybe it’s time to add Fluffer to my list of job titles!


Love and Paws,

Dawn x