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Empowering others- the plate spinner's weakness...

I’m a plate spinner. I’m in my element (and probably at my most vulnerable) whilst plate spinning. You’ve probably met people like me before….


I like to be busy, then get annoyed when I’m ‘too busy’. I delegate, then feel frustrated when the result isn’t quite what I was imagining. I love to say ‘yes’ to an idea, only to realise that, after too many hours invested in the ‘yes’, I should have said ‘no’.


As a plate spinner, I can often (and on reflection) fairly be accused of not empowering others as well as I should.  And so, as I build my new career, (my ‘portfolio’ career) it feels more important than ever to recognise where I have gone wrong in the past and how I can empower others, so that my portfolio of work doesn’t become overwhelming for me alone.


Here are a few things I’m signing up to do…


Be clear in my expectations

Both on myself and others. With clear direction, open discussion, sharing examples of ‘best in class’ and giving clarity on deadlines. Get it written down, share it and enable everyone to sign up to it.


Accept that age and experience does not define ‘best’

This is a classic! How many times have you had to go with any idea because someone with more experience presumes that they know best? Now, I should say that of course with age (generally) comes experience but one of the most glorious elements of creating Dogs & Coffee has been how I’ve learnt from those around me. People much younger than me, who have grown up with different technology and a different outlook on life and committing to learn from this has me inspired and excited about future decision making.


Give permission to fail

Things go wrong every day. The response you hoped for from a partner and didn’t get, the client that promised you work but never called back, the excel document that had the wrong equation and was shared with everyone. Truth is, that’s just life. That’s just human nature. I recently read that we should redefine ‘failure’ as simply ‘falling’. That way, we’ve already normalised it. We trip every day but we don’t let it stop us walking about. So, crack on and give yourself permission to fall each day…after all if you’re not you’re probably way too comfortable.


Do you recognise yourself and your own behaviours in any of the above? Perhaps you’ve worked with bosses or alongside people that show these traits? I’d love to know.


So, what about my personal plate spinning circus act?


Well, it will of course continue because in truth I love being a plate spinner. On occasion a plate will fall but guess what…that’s totally fine as I know how to use a dustpan and brush to sweep it up and, more than that, I’m excited about empowering and feel empowered.


Love and paws,

Dawn x