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So, this is September.

Week 30 something of the year. Often seen as a new ‘start’ to the year in many ways and also the start of the countdown to Christmas (don’t hate me for writing this!). I love September. It’s my birthday month, you get to buy a new pencil case, the autumn clothes come out (hello light jacket and big jumper), you step up plans to see friends (whether you keep them is a different matter), your children return to school post clingy summer holidays and the month feels full of possibility.

BUT I also find that September can feel very pressurised.

Pressure to create goals – the side hustle, the savings plans post summer, the life goals… the list is endless!

Pressure to set deadlines – how many things can one person achieve before Christmas?!

Pressure to step up your energy despite having barely rested over summer.

Pressure to get your hustle on (I’m exhausted just typing that!)

Pressure to get about your day-to-day business as though you’ve got everything in control, like a serene swan, despite your legs kicking madly under water.

Some pressure can be good for us, I personally find it can be motivating. But as much as I love a plan, I sometimes find goals and lists restricting, as if I don’t feel like I am progressing towards it or ticking off enough on it, then I just throwdown tools and let it all go to shit. Not ideal.

So, here’s how I’m going to manage myself this September:

Enjoy it

A daily reminder that I love September so I need to make the most of it. I’m going to enjoy my holiday, cry when I drop Ivy off for her first day at school, not stress when childcare falls through (it will), write plans and dreams with gusto and then crack on with my emails without stressing.

Pin-point an idea

I’m going to take just 3 ideas/plans from my list and make them my focus. The rest will wait, some will have to go on the 5 year plan as opposed to the 5 week plan!

Reward myself

I’m going to work hard and then I’m going to celebrate myself. Reward my achievements and importantly I’m not going to feel guilty about this.  

Give myself to others

And importantly I’m going to keep ‘giving’. Be that my energy, my experience, my positive attitude, my skills. I’ve learnt that I enjoy sharing and giving and Dogs & Coffee is the perfect platform to enable me to do this.

If you are looking for more September inspiration, head to YOUTUBE where you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Love and paws,

Dawn x