and Pep Talks

1. 50 minutes of YOU time

Suitable for: Any individual ready to acknowledge that you don’t need to settle when it comes to living your best life. Come with a life, business or career problem or challenge and lets solve it.

What is it?

A one-to-one session with Dogs and Coffee’s head cheerleader and motivator, Dawn, who will help you reach your full potential and come up with a kick-ass plan to conquer your goals with her positive mentoring style.

Whether it’s covering interview technique, how or whether to start a side hustle, identifying your next career move, negotiating a pay raise or developing a new vision for an existing business or project, whatever you want to work on, we’ve got it covered. Whilst this isn’t quite like the ‘you time’ you get at the hairdressers, it is just as important and will leave you with the same level of post-salon confidence. 

Once you’ve booked in your session, Dawn will send you a questionnaire to complete so that she can ensure your time together is completely tailored to you. The session will move quickly and at the end, you will be left with clear action points to take with you. This is a mix of advice and cheerlead coaching (yep, that’s our very own term!). There’s a dose of reality in every session and bucket loads of inspiration. What are you waiting for? Pick what you want to work on and let’s chat.

£240 inc vat per session

PS if you would value an initial free discovery call to ask questions then contact me directly and confidentially via email.

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2. Intensive Programme

Suitable for: Entrepreneurs, business owners and restless individuals looking to progress quickly in a specific area of business and/or their career. If you are ready to commit to yourself and make your dreams a reality, then this is the programme for you.

Time: 6 x 50 minutes sessions (spread across 6 – 10 weeks, subject to shared availability)

What is it?

This is the motivation you need to get ahead, get focused, gain some ‘don’t give a f*** vibes’ and get rich (if that’s a goal). Dawn is passionate about small businesses and solopreneurs; individuals who know what it is like to take risks, to plough all your energy, love and devotion into a venture and be ready to win big or fail fast!

This intensive programme is tailor made to every person or business and consists of a minimum of six specifically crafted one to one sessions. 

Previous programmes have also included Dawn making introductions to her network and sourcing mentors to work with you on an ongoing basis. Like working fast? Feel time poor but full of ambition? Then this is the programme for you! 

Prior to committing, we recommend you set up an initial discovery call with Dawn via email.

Costs start at £1450 dependent on brief and your overall goals

*Please note that this way of working will not suit everyone. You and Dawn should use the introductory briefing to discuss if you’re a good match.

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3. Get the good-vibes

How else can we get the good-vibes from Dawn?

Dawn works with many different businesses, business owners, teams within large businesses and individuals and can develop programmes to suit you, whatever your specific goals or mentoring needs. If you’re not sure what you need, email Dawn to arrange a time to discuss your needs.

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