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1. Unstuck in 30

Suitable for: You! Specifically anyone who knows that they feel stuck and has a 'sort-of idea' of the exact problem but lacks the tools to get 'unstuck'. You acknowledge that you need advice and training on what to do next, steps to action, action to begin. And you want to work fast.

I've worked with people in this way for the passed 18 months, those who feel unmotivated, lack confidence, are worried about an interview or presentation, are not sure where to start on their return to work, can be prone to being worried about what people will think/say and can't shift the thought that they are not good enough for the job they've spotted.

What is it?

A one-to-one power 30 minute session with Dawn who in 27 minutes (allowing for intros) will take you from 'stuck' to 'unstuck. It really is that possible.

"Thank you for your words of wisdom last week and the sheer enthusiasm and confidence that it instilled in me. My mindset has changed and as such, I have had a really successful week work wise and job-hunting wise" Alice M (who 2 weeks later had two job offers on the table)

This session is about preparation on both sides so once you’ve booked in your session, I'll send you a questionnaire to complete which will take around an hour of your to write and more than that for me to then read and plan our time together

£145 (discounts available, please message me)

PS if you would value an initial free discovery call to ask questions then contact me directly and confidentially via email.

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2. Stuck to Unstoppable day course

Suitable for: When feeling stuck has become a day to day way of being. You're not happy in your current career but also feel unsure and lack motivation and skills to know how best to move forwards. You may be returning to work, have placed self-limiting beliefs on yourself, you might feel trapped after years of training and in a job you don't like, you may have climbed the career ladder and feel stuck by the pressure to make a certain level of income for you and your family.

Dates & costs: 2022 dates to be announced. Email for up to date details

What is it?

In 2019 I felt stuck in the multi-million pound agency that I'd built in the 9 years prior. Arguably at the top of my game, winning clients and awards, I had no idea how to get 'unstuck', how to build the resilience and skills I'd need to walk away and start my career journey again.

And now I'm going to share everything I learnt so that you can achieve an unstoppable career and benefit from my experience and mistakes.

This one day, small group course will take you through the steps you need to take, the skills you need and how to plan your resilient unstoppable career through a mix of NLP training and practical exercises.

Whatever your age, your salary, or where you are in your career journey, if you spend time thinking about future career ideas, future opportunities, future plans you want to pursue but you feel stuck, then I guarantee that 'stuck to unstoppable' will give you the tools, skills and motivation to move forwards just as it did me.

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3. Mentoring in the entertainment industry

With over 20 years working in the theatre and entertainment industry, I know how hard it is to climb your way upwards (or should I say scratch!). Each year I get the opportunity to mentor one person for 12 months. If you're seeking a woman in business to work with you as you climb the career ladder, get in touch.

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